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Art Design Win

In our last update I showed a box design different than the one you pledged for. Our partner Playford Games has been working on getting Cartography ready to ship and has developed what they feel will do best in stores. You can only imaging the heart break I felt when the design was changed and many of you expressed disappointment by the changes. You should receive what you pledged for. I had many discussions with Playford about your responses and with encouragement from some of you I approached them in order to deliver the original art. We have come to an agreement and I'm very excited to tell you we have reached a solution. Playford is going to fulfill the original box and tile art for Kickstarter backers!!!

Press Ready

I'm thrilled that we will be able to deliver the original designs to you. There are a couple caveats. Playford's version for sales in stores, and the kickstarter version, will share the same die cuts so the box had to change size and is now square. There will also be a delay as we prepare for the presses. Here are the the press ready designs. Note that the detail just isn't visible in these lo-res images.

Fulfillment Survey Responses

Thanks to everybody who has filled out the surveys already. Of the 537 reward tier backers 509 have already filled out their survey. If you haven't already please do so as soon as you're able.

Thanks again,
Jon Adams

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