Status update with Playford Games

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I meet with Playford Games recently. We talked mostly about the rule book. I thought I had the rule book pretty much nailed. After some more user testing we've been working really hard to fine tune the rules so that they flow better and are more understandable. I think this is a really important task and we've made some good improvements. Playford is also working on a small strategy section on their website. This could help those unfamiliar with Go get a jump start.

I've reached out to the translators. They are all ready to start translating just as soon as Playford is done with their last few updates. A huge thanks to all of you who have offered your help.

Playford made some changes to the dimensions of the box. They are also working on the design to make it more presentable on the shelves. I'd love to get your feedback. What do you think?

We should be receiving the birch tile proofs soon. I'm really excited to start seeing stuff come together! Look for another update soon!

Thanks again,
Jon Adams

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